GALAXY Catalogues
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VOTA2PICHEAO 1 A-2 Piccinotti Catalog68BasicAdv?
 ABELLAbell Clusters5250BasicAdv?
VOTABELLZCATAbell Clusters Measured Redshifts Catalog1059BasicAdv?
VOTACCEPTCATArchive of Chandra Cluster Entropy Profile Tables (ACCEPT) Catalog240BasicAdv?
VOTAGNSDSSXM2Sloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton Type1 AGN X-Ray and Radio Properties Catalog863BasicAdv?
VOTAGNSDSSXMMSloan Digital Sky Survey/XMM-Newton AGN Spectral Properties Catalog153BasicAdv?
VOTARXAAtlas of Radio/X-Ray Associations (ARXA)602570BasicAdv?
VOTASCAEGCLUSASCA Elliptical Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters Catalog313BasicAdv?
VOTASIAGOSNAsiago Supernova Catalog (Dynamic Version)6435BasicAdv?
VOTASIAGOSN99Asiago Supernova Catalog (1999 Version)1447BasicAdv?
VOTCBATPICAGNCGRO BATSE-Observed Piccinotti Sample of Active Galactic Nuclei36BasicAdv?
VOTCCOSRSSFAGChandra COSMOS Radio-Selected Star-Forming Galaxies and AGN Catalog115BasicAdv?
VOTCFA2SCfA Redshift Survey: South Galactic Cap Data4278BasicAdv?
VOTCGMWCandidate Galaxies Behind the Milky Way19530BasicAdv?
VOTDENISIGALFirst DENIS I-band Extragalactic Catalog20260BasicAdv?
VOTDR3QSOSDSS Quasar Catalog (Release 3)46420BasicAdv?
VOTEINGALCATCatalog of Galaxies Observed by the Einstein Observatory IPC & HRI720BasicAdv?
VOTEINGALCLUSEinstein Observatory Clusters of Galaxies Catalog396BasicAdv?
VOTESOUPPSALAESO-Uppsala ESO(B) Survey18422BasicAdv?
VOTETGALXRAYEarly-Type Galaxies X-Ray Luminosities Catalog425BasicAdv?
VOTEXGALEMOBJHewitt & Burbidge (1991) Catalog of Extragalactic Emission-Line Objects935BasicAdv?
VOTFSVSCLUSTRFaint Sky Variability Survey Catalog of Galaxy Clusters and Rich Groups593BasicAdv?
VOTGCSCATGlobular Cluster Systems of Galaxies Catalog422BasicAdv?
VOTGLXSDSSQS2GALEX/SDSS z=0.5-1.5 QSO Candidates Catalog19812BasicAdv?
VOTHCGHickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) Catalog100BasicAdv?
VOTHCGGALAXYHickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) Individual Galaxies Data463BasicAdv?
VOTIRASPSCZIRAS Point Source Catalog Redshift (PSCz) Catalog18411BasicAdv?
VOTKUEHRExtragalactic Radio Sources8603BasicAdv?
VOTLBQSLarge Bright Quasar Survey1055BasicAdv?
VOTLCRSCATLas Campanas Redshift Survey Catalog94959BasicAdv?
VOTLORCATLow-Frequency Radio Catalog of Flat-Spectrum Sources28358BasicAdv?
VOTMARKARIANFirst Byurakan Survey (Markarian) Catalog of UV-Excess Galaxies1469BasicAdv?
VOTMARKARIAN2Markarian Galaxies Optical Database1544BasicAdv?
VOTMCGMorphological Galaxy Catalog29003BasicAdv?
VOTMCXCMCXC Meta-Catalog of X-Ray Detected Clusters of Galaxies1743BasicAdv?
VOTNEARGALCATUpdated Nearby Galaxy Catalog869BasicAdv?
VOTNORASNorthern ROSAT All-Sky (NORAS) Galaxy Cluster Survey Catalog601BasicAdv?
VOTOSRILQXRAYOptically Selected Radio-Intermediate and Loud Quasars X-ray Emission Catalog654BasicAdv?
VOTPGC2003Principal Galaxy Catalog (PGC) 2003983261BasicAdv?
VOTQORGCATAll-Sky Optical Catalog of Radio/X-Ray Sources501756BasicAdv?
VOTQSOHewitt & Burbidge (1993) QSO Catalog7315BasicAdv?
VOTRASSBSCPGCROSAT All-Sky Survey Bright Source Catalog/Catalog of Principal Galaxies Matches1124BasicAdv?
VOTRASSCALSROSAT All-Sky Survey CALS Galaxy Groups Catalog260BasicAdv?
VOTRASSDSSAGNROSAT All-Sky Survey and SDSS DR5 Sample of X-Ray Emitting AGN7005BasicAdv?
VOTRASSEBCSROSAT All-Sky Survey Extended Brightest Cluster Sample312BasicAdv?
VOTRC3Third Reference Catalog of Bright Galaxies23011BasicAdv?
VOTREFLEXROSAT-ESO Flux-Limited X-Ray (REFLEX) Galaxy Cluster Survey447BasicAdv?
VOTROMABZCATRoma-BZCAT Multi-Frequency Catalog of Blazars3149BasicAdv?
VOTROSATRLQROSAT Radio-Loud Quasars Catalog654BasicAdv?
VOTROSATRQQROSAT Radio-Quiet Quasars Catalog846BasicAdv?
VOTROSGALCLUSROSAT PSPC Catalog of Clusters of Galaxies223BasicAdv?
VOTROSNEPAGNROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey Active Galactic Nuclei Catalog219BasicAdv?
VOTROXAROXA (Radio-Optical-X-ray at ASDC) Blazars Catalog816BasicAdv?
VOTSAISNCATSternberg Astronomical Institute Catalog of Supernovae2991BasicAdv?
VOTSBSGGENCATSecond Byurakan Survey General Catalog Galaxies Optical Database1676BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSBALQS2Sloan Digital Sky Survey Broad Absorption Line Quasars Catalog: 5th Data Release5035BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSBALQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey Broad Absorption Line Quasars Catalog: 3rd Data Release4843BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSCXOQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey Quasars Detected by Chandra1135BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSLASQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey/UKIRT DSS Large Area Survey Matched Quasars Catalog172186BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSNBCKDESDSS NBCKDE Catalog of Photometrically Selected Quasar Candidates1015082BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSNBCQSCSloan Digital Sky Survey NBC Quasar Candidate Catalog100563BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSQUASARSloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar Catalog (10th Data Release: DR10Q)166583BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSUNUQSRSloan Digital Sky Survey Unusual Quasars Catalog1005BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSWHLGCSloan Digital Sky Survey DR6 Galaxy Clusters Catalog39716BasicAdv?
VOTSDSSXMMQSOSloan Digital Sky Survey (DR5)/XMM-Newton Quasar Survey Catalog792BasicAdv?
VOTSHKShakbazian Compact Groups of Galaxies377BasicAdv?
VOTSHKGALAXYShakhabazian (Shk) Compact Groups of Galaxies: Individual Galaxies Data3435BasicAdv?
VOTSIXDFGS6dFGS Galaxy Survey Final Redshift Release Catalog124647BasicAdv?
VOTSWSDSSQSOSwift Simultaneous UV Optical and X-Ray Observed Quasar Catalog1034BasicAdv?
VOTTARTARUSTartarus: Reduced ASCA AGN Data (Version 3.1)611BasicAdv?
VOTTWODFQSOZ2dF QSO Redshift (2QZ) Survey49425BasicAdv?
VOTTWOMASSRSC2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) Catalog44599BasicAdv?
VOTUGCUppsala General Catalog of Galaxies12939BasicAdv?
VOTULXRBCATUltraluminous X-Ray Sources in External Galaxies Catalog229BasicAdv?
VOTUZCUpdated Zwicky Catalog19372BasicAdv?
VOTVERON2000Veron Quasars & AGNs (V2000)18104BasicAdv?
VOTVERON2001Veron Quasars & AGNs (V2001)30118BasicAdv?
VOTVERON93Veron Quasars & AGNs (V93)9515BasicAdv?
VOTVERON96Veron Quasars & AGNs (V96)11662BasicAdv?
VOTVERON98Veron Quasars & AGNs (V98)15049BasicAdv?
VOTVERONCATVeron Catalog of Quasars & AGN 13th Edition168941BasicAdv?
VOTW2RAGNCATWISE/2MASS/RASS (W2R) AGN Sample Catalog4316BasicAdv?
VOTWARPSWide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey First Phase (WARPS-I)201BasicAdv?
VOTWARPS2Wide Angle ROSAT Pointed Survey Second Phase (WARPS-II) Clusters Catalog125BasicAdv?
VOTWBLWBL Poor Galaxy Clusters Catalog (White et al. 1999)732BasicAdv?
VOTWBLGALAXYWBL Individual Galaxies Data Catalog (White et al. 1999)3324BasicAdv?
VOTXMMCTY2AGNXMM-COSMOS X-Ray Selected Type-2 AGN255BasicAdv?
VOTXRAYSELBLLX-Ray Selected BL Lac Objects Catalog312BasicAdv?
VOTZCATCfA Redshift Catalog (June 1995 Version)58738BasicAdv?
VOTZWCLUSTERSZwicky Clusters9134BasicAdv?